Competitive Boxing Classes

NBB is a great place to get a workout in, but it’s also where we stack gold. We’ve produced dozens of local and regional champions, developed successful professional boxers, and our fighters compete on the National stage. If you want to be a champ, this is where you want to be.

Boxing for Competition

Want to compete in amateur boxing? Well, this is the class for you! In our Boxing for Competition class, members will learn the basic fundamentals of our system. Stance, punches, the basics of footwork and defense; we cover all aspects of the hurt business in this class. This class is for new and experienced boxers alike, but is reserved for people who plan to actively pursue competitive boxing.

Fight Factory (Invite Only)

This is where team NBB makes the donuts. Invite only and reserved for our fight team, Fight Factory relies on heavy contact partner drills and is where we apply the techniques learned in Boxing for Competition. Boxers weigh in before each session and prepare for amateur and professional competitions. Drillers make killers, and we do a lot of drilling in Fight Factory. We cap off each session with intense, fight specific conditioning that ensures all of our fighters are ready to go 3 rounds or more with a full gas tank.

Sparring (Invite Only)

Another class reserved exclusively for our fight team, we spar 3 times a week at NBB. Each weekend, we bring some of the top gyms in New England down to grow and develop alongside some serious regional talent. With 3 full size competition rings, you’ll never have to wait around in order to get your rounds in.