Adult Classes

Here at Nolan Bros Boxing and Fitness, we offer a variety of classes to best fit the individual needs of all of our members.  We are consistently adding new classes, so check in often to see what’s new at NBB!

Punches & Crunches

This class focuses on two of our favorite things: Pounding the heavy bag and crushing our cores!  With punches and crunches, you’ll find yourself alternating between boxing combinations on the bags and abdominal exercises on the mat.  Like all our other classes, punches and crunches is easily modifiable and is enjoyed at your own pace.

Heavy Bag BeatDown

Heavy Bag Beatdown pits you against the bag.  You’ll be working various combos on the heavy bag and incorporating calisthenic exercises throughout this hour long class.  Get your pulse pounding, work up a healthy sweat, and release stress as you unleash combination after combination. Like all of our fitness classes, this class is designed to be easily modified and is perfect for all levels of experience. 

Boxing for Competition

Want to complete in amateur boxing? Well, this is the class for you! In our Boxing for Competition class, members will learn the basic fundamentals of our system. Stance, punches, the basics of footwork and defense; we cover all aspects of the hurt business in this class. This class is for new and experienced boxers alike, but is reserved for people who plan to actively pursue competitive boxing and does not accommodate casual fitness boxers.