Here at Nolan Bros Boxing and Fitness, we offer a variety of classes to best fit the individual needs of all of our members.  We are consistently adding new classes, so check in often to see what’s new at NBB!

Boxing Conditioning

Our Boxing Conditioning classes are meant for all experience levels as well as all ages. During this class, we work the heavybag the same way a boxer does, working on various punching combinations, burning calories and adding muscle.  We add in additional plyometric and calisthenic exercises to give you a full body workout that’s perfect for getting you into the best shape of your life.  At times we’ll incorporate various circuits to supplement the routine and keep things fresh!  Every exercise can be modified to make it more accessible or more challenging, so whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who hasn’t been to the gym in years, this is the class for you!

Punches & Crunches

This class focuses on two of our favorite things: Pounding the heavy bag and crushing our cores!  With punches and crunches, you’ll find yourself alternating between boxing combinations on the bags and abdominal exercises on the mat.  Like all our other classes, punches and crunches is easily modifiable and is enjoyed at your own pace.

Fight Factory

Fight Factory is a program designed exclusively to produce and improve competitive fighters at NBB. Participants weigh in at the start of each class, and their progress recorded. This hour and a half long class is structured to fulfill both the technical and physical needs to be successful in the ring. The first hour will be dedicated to refining technique and partner drills. The additional half hour will be reserved for fighter-specific HIIT training. Members will be training specifically to participate in our Open House sparring sessions, and amateur boxing events/tournaments. We’re looking forward to really honing in and preparing our fighters for the next level of competition.

Heavy Bag BeatDown

Heavy Bag Beatdown pits you against the bag.  You’ll be working various combos on the heavy bag and incorporating calisthenic exercises throughout this hour long class.  Get your pulse pounding, work up a healthy sweat, and release stress as you unleash combination after combination. Like all of our fitness classes, this class is designed to be easily modified and is perfect for all levels of experience. 

Sparring Class

Fine tuning your technique is incredibly important if you’re looking to compete in the sport of amateur boxing, but you’ll need to get your rounds in with a sparring partner if you want to have your hand raised at the end of the night.  Sparring class is an advanced level class for our members to come in and apply what they have learned in technique class while in a controlled environment.  No frills, no fuss, just cycling through 2 minute rounds of sparring throughout the class.  In order to participate, you must have a mouthpiece, head gear, and have spoken to someone on staff to ensure you’re ready to spar.

Fundamental Boxing Technique

BF placeholder

Want to learn the in’s and out’s of the sweet science without the black eye?  Want to improve your footwork and punch-form when competing inside the ring? Now you can, with our “Fundamental Boxing Technique Class.”  This class was created for the fitness enthusiast that wants to be more efficient on the heavy bag, as well as the competitive boxer looking to refine their craft.  This hour-long class will get you moving smoother and hitting harder in no time.