Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan has taken on nearly every imaginable role when it comes to the sport of boxing.  From between the ropes competing as an amateur boxer, in the corner of professional boxers and bare knuckle fighters competing on PayPerView, to sitting behind the desk of the gym he built from the ground up.  You name it; Matt’s done it.  As a full time public school educator, Matt has a knack for conveying knowledge with contagious enthusiasm.  Matt is passionate about the sport of boxing and finds endless enjoyment from others’ success within it.  Whether you’re looking to shed some pounds, win a championship, or just enjoy a fun and exciting workout, Matt has the knowledge and ability to make it happen.  Matt has been an active member of USA Boxing since 2000, and is professionally licensed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida.

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Mark Nolan

Mark has been involved in the sport of amateur boxing for nearly his entire life.  A formal member of USA boxing since 2000, Mark successfully competed at the amateur level before transitioning to a coach.  Mark has worked corners for many winning amateur boxers, from local events to the New England Golden Gloves.  Mark has been a middle school science teacher for more than a decade and believes that his experience as an educator as well as his Master’s degree in education help him to create innovative and dynamic lessons as well as to help meet the needs of individual members.  Always laughing and having a good time, Mark believes that if you love what you’re doing, success is all but guaranteed!

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Rico DePaolis

Rico found boxing shortly after his college basketball career came to an end.  In dire need for a competitive fix, he stumbled upon the sport through coaches, and longtime friends, Matt and Mark Nolan.  From the minute he walked in, he loved the intensity of it all.  He soon committed to competing full-time, while always having a desire to teach those newer fighters around him. Rico has dedicated his life to athletics both as a player and a coach, from the elementary, to the college level respectively, working closely with athletes ranging from age 7-22.  Rico’s addiction to learning, teaching, and furthering his knowledge as a coach in the sport of boxing is what drives him everyday at NBB.  Rico works full time as an Account Executive at a software company located in Boston, MA.  He is the 2019 178 lb Novice Rocky Marciano Tournament Champion and an active professional boxer.

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Ashley Kouyoumjian

Ashley’s trajectory into the boxing ring began when she was five years old and her life’s goal was to become a Ninja Turtle. Because of that desire, Ashley spent many years in a karate dojo, including earning her black belt at 10 years old at Shorin Ryu Karate Academy in Waltham. After taking a hiatus from martial arts and focusing on other activities, she found a love of boxing during a one-off boot camp class held in a boxing gym. Since that time eight years ago, Ashley has spent far more days in a boxing gym than not. She is a USA Boxing Level 1 Certified Coach and holds an active USA Boxing Amateur Boxing passbook.  She is the 2019 165 lb Novice Female Rocky Marciano Tournament Champion.

Outside of the gym, Ashley works for a non-profit doing fundraising and planning events.

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Paige Eggebrecht

Paige was a freestyle mogul skier for many years, competing at the national and international levels and, later, coaching. She discovered a love of boxing when two teammates invited her along to a boxing class for a workout. After moving to Massachusetts, she began training in earnest with the Nolans, who inspired a deeper admiration for the sport. Paige is a thrill seeker and relentless competitor who thrives on the ferocity in the ring. Also a passionate educator and lifelong student (Paige received her PhD in Literature from Brandeis University in 2021), she is fascinated by the science and art of boxing and loves helping others grow their skills and get in shape. Paige is the 2019 132 lb Novice Female New England Championships Tournament Champion, the 2021 119 lb Novice Female New England Championships Tournament Champion, the 2022 114 lb Novice Female All New England Golden Gloves Tournament Champion  the 2023 119 lb Novice Female Central New England Golden Gloves Tournament Champion, the 2023 119 lb Novice Female All New England Golden Gloves Tournament Champion, and represented Team New England in the 2023 National Qualifier in Detroit.

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Al Roberts

Al’s boxing career at Nolan Bros. Boxing stems from a longtime love of combat sports starting at around six years old. She trained in taekwondo for nearly 15 years and obtained a second degree black belt until she moved on from the dojo to get her degree in Architecture. After moving to Waltham, Al was introduced to the NBB community after her roommate suggested attending a conditioning class once a week and from the first “let’s glove up and get after it” she was instantly hooked. Nearly three years later she spends every free hour at the gym soaking up every bit of knowledge that Matt and Mark have to offer. When not working as an Assistant Project Manager for a Boston facade subcontractor you’ll likely find Al at NBB working on her physical fitness and honing her fundamental skills to become the best active competitive boxer she can be.

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Paul Hundley

Paul’s road to boxing was an atypical journey. A traditional weights and cardio gym routine constantly left Paul feeling like he wasn’t reaching his goals or maximizing his capabilities. Upon stumbling into a boxing club he immediately realized his happy place was right there on a bag. Paul took his passion for teaching and helping others and began instructing classes himself. Paul’s enthusiastic nature and love of boxing is what pushes him to bring out the best in each class experience. A great playlist doesn’t hurt either. 

Outside of the gym Paul works as an educator with children with special needs in the town of Belmont.

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Jareed Gaines

Originally from Southern New Jersey, Jareed has been training with Nolan Bros Boxing since 2018.

A former Stonehill College football player, Jareed initially used boxing as a tool to stay active and in shape for football. After his collegiate career, he would continue to use boxing to stay in shape with no thought of competing until he met the Nolan Brothers. With an already immense love for the sport of boxing and the knowledge from the Nolan Brothers, Jareed would commit to boxing competitively. Jareed enjoys fun, innovative, and challenging ways to work out and get a satisfying sweat in. Jareed is the 2019 201+ lb Novice Rocky Marciano Tournament Champion, and the 2023 203+ lb Novice Central New England Golden Gloves Champion.

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Kori “KB” Brown

Born in Baltimore, MD, raised in Buffalo, NY, KB has been training with Nolan Brothers Boxing since 2019.

KB has always been involved in sports as a 3 sport athlete in high school followed by playing basketball at Hamilton College. Upon completing his BA in Government, the decision was made to move to Boston. KB continued to scratch his competitive sports itch playing semi-pro football and working out until he discovered the ultimate physical and mental challenge, boxing.

KB’s love of boxing initiated from his participation in Haymakers for Hope’s 2018 Rock ’N Rumble VIII event where he fought for his cousin Major General Alfred ’Bud” Stewart who passed away from brain cancer at the age of 55. Following his Haymakers fight KB was undecided whether to pursue boxing competitively. On a whim, even though he didn’t train at NBB for Haymakers, KB reached out to Matt & Mark to simply see if he could be involved with the gym or perhaps learn to coach. From the moment he stepped through the NBB doors after deciding to get involved in the sport again, he was hooked. KB continues to compete as a USA Boxing Masters boxer and looks forward to continuing to push the sport forward as a member of the NBB family.  KB is the 2021 201 lb Gleason’s International Masters Tournament champion, the 2021 201 lb Rocky Marciano Masters Tournament Champion, the 2022 203 lb Rocky Marciano Masters Tournament Champion, and the 2023 203 lb Western New England Masters Golden Gloves Champion.

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Priscilla Capistrano

Originally hailing from San Francisco, Priscilla Capistrano has been training with Nolan Bros Boxing since 2019. Growing up Priscilla had always been active in sports, including tennis, gymnastics, martial arts, and roller hockey. Her journey to the sweet science began when she moved to Massachusetts and was introduced to Nolan Bros Boxing by a fellow fighter. Through their Fundamental and Conditioning classes, she fell in love with the sport. From there she developed a passion for wanting to absorb and understand everything about boxing, from training to competing. She was able to bring that passion to her professional space at MIT, and even ran an introductory class to help folks get excited about boxing.

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